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In The Draft Show – Apr 14 – All-Star Changes

Ryan Blaney leading the way in the NASCAR Race at Texas - we talk about the 21 car on the latest ITD NASCAR Podcast!

NASCAR decides to shake things up again with a new All-Star format and some racy tires – will it make a difference? We talk about it on the latest ITD show. Plus – Our Texas recap, the latest NASCAR News, and is Penske bending the rules?

The rundown for the show:
– Texas Recap
– Scotty finds some more cool diecasts
– The “Jimmie Johnson is in trouble” talk can stop
– Ford continues to look strong
– Ryan Blaney is better than you think
– All-Star Race changes – good ideas, and mediocre ones
– A way to make option tires interesting in the Cup series
– Penske loses their appeal…
– …but are they still bending the rules a little too far?

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