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In The Draft Show – Apr 7 – Texas!

Segments finally make a race interesting – we talk about why things were different last week at Martinsville, and also attempt to figure out why everyone is making a big deal about Junior and Ryan Blaney. Plus – we run the math on all those stage bonus points, review the NASCAR News, and our preview and picks for Texas!
Here is the rundown for the show:

– Martinsville – we’ll admit, the stage racing was interesting in this one
– Why did NASCAR make such a big deal about ‘going West’, but not about the first short-track of the year?
– Junior-Blaney – a real thing, or just something to keep the media busy?
– Are all these segment bonus points making a difference in the standings? We run the math against the old system to find out
– No midday races…for now
– Texas Preview
– Paint Schemes and Picks

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