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Jimmie wins number seven, and there's a big shakeup at Roush Racing! This week on the show, we recap Jimmie's monumental win, talk about the other Chase drivers that came up short - and try to figure out why everything is going south for Roush-Fenway Racing. Plus - all the

In The Draft Show – 11-18-2016

It's time to crown a Champion in Homestead! Complete coverage of the NASCAR Chase and the Championship 4 on this week's In The Draft Show! We break down all of the contenders' chances, talk about why Tony Stewart isn't getting a whole lot of attention, speculate on NASCAR's future sponsor,

In The Draft Show – 11-11-2016

The final two spots in the NASCAR Championship 4 are on the line at Phoenix - will any of the Chasers be able to beat out Kevin Harvick at his best track? We talk about all of The Chase drama set to happen this weekend, recap Carl's clutch win at

In The Draft Show – 11-4-2016

Jimmie Johnson is in the Championship 4 - who's next? As the NASCAR Chase heads to Texas, we talk about Jimmie's big Martinsville win, analyze the field of Championship contenders, and try to decide who has the best chance to join the 48 in the Lone Star State! All of